How To Use In BROLL In Videography

By May 7, 2020 March 8th, 2021 No Comments

By Miguel Diaz

What is BROLL?

Auxiliary shots outside of the main edit that help keep the viewer engaged, and make the edit come to life.

When to use BROLL:

If you are interviewing someone, BROLL is those shots that get inserted into the interviewer. To keep the edit from being a talking head the whole time. We add these auxiliary shots to help break up what the person is saying and also keep the viewer engaged.

Why use BROLL?

It provides the viewer with an understanding and a representation of what the subject is talking about. In storytelling, we will cut to establishing shots or cut to other shots where the viewer is taken outside to a different environment. 

How to capture BROLL?

When you are filming content it is important to take note of what is being said. Whether it be a story and you want to provide the environment for that story. Or it could a product, service, staff spotlight.

All of those can be combined to make a more engaging edit