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Facebook Live Stream Case Study

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Facebook Live Stream Case Study: Coronavirus and Asthma Fact Check with Dr. Joseph Diaz

By Jessie Moore


A 40-minute Facebook Live Stream production, educating the audience that was following the page, on newsworthy information. Through this organic, non-paid, video marketing campaign, a trust was built between audience and host. The Facebook Live Stream was produced for Allery SA lead physician/owner, Dr. Joseph Diaz. (Live Stream Can Be Found HERE)

  • Over 14,000 Minutes Watched
  • Nearly 800 Post Engagements 
  • Over 13,000 Video Reach


Our project goal was to bring in a captive audience, through several key elements of content: impact, timeliness, proximity and human interest. Dr. Diaz was able to bring valuable information and knowledge to help foster those elements. 

When we used these key elements of content, then, we expected a captivated audience to engage during the Facebook Live Stream. 


To create awareness for the Facebook Live Stream, we had to promote the “event” a week prior. Through email marketing, social media video promotion, social media graphic posts, and people within the digital community sharing to their network. 

Email Marketing:

Two email blasts distributed to the MDS company email marketing database of 14,000 people. The first email campaign was sent three days prior and the second campaign sent one hour prior to the live stream. 

Video Promotion: 

A 15-second video promotion distributed across the client’s social channels. Video promotion used animated graphics, key text phrases, and a voiceover. 

Social Media Graphic Posts:

Having design continuity throughout the campaign was crucial. The audience must begin to recognize the campaign, and have a constant reminder about it. We created a theme based on colors, fonts, and images.  

Sharing Through Network:

We can never forget to reach out to friends, colleagues, business associates and family! There’s nothing stronger than your own community supporting you! 


  • 139 New Facebook Page Likes
  • Live Stream Video Downloadable 
  • Over 14,000 Minutes Watched
  • Nearly 800 Post Engagements 
  • Over 13,000 Video Reach

Concluding Findings: 

Through this project, we have refined the process of the content we are delivering to the audience, and the promotion leading up to a Facebook Live Stream in order to have the highest reach and engagement as possible. 

This information will help us with future client Facebook Live Stream when we are in the strategizing phase. The topic of the stream is the most important fundamental element when executing. The seven elements of news are as follows: Impact, Timeliness, Proximity, Human Interest, Conflict, The Bizarre, Celebrity. If our content can fill two or more of those categories we are at a good starting place.