Everything Is Virtual Now

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Telemedicine marketing

Medical Providers Here’s What You Need To Know

By Jessie Moore

Everything is virtual now. Including your patient’s doctor appointment. Workouts, happy hour, book club… all happening via video. Now doctor appointments are a part of that list. Medical providers are now providing the modern-day house call via Telemedicine. 

If you or your practice has adopted this new virtual medicine method there are a few things you should update online almost immediately, so your patients are aware of this new change! 

1. Update Your Website – Your website is probably going to be one of the first things your patient checks to see if you are still open. It’s important to add an obvious announcement to your site with the new protocol for seeing patients. There are a few different ways you can do this; add a pop-up, announcement header, change HERO image, add a new section above the fold. 

2. Mass Email and/or Text Message – Probably the quickest and most effective method to let your patient database know of any new changes would be to send out a mass email or text message. My favorite email applications are Mailchimp and Constant Contact, with easy to use templates. See the example below for text blast. text message blast

3. Social Media Content – With an increase in social media platform engagement, every business needs to continue to build upon their digital footprint. The more content you can publish on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn the better! Now is the time when patients and clients want to see and hear from you. You may not be promoting services, but you can give educational content, COVID-19 facts, or just post an uplifting message. Don’t forget to make an announcement about virtual appointments like the one below. 

4. Video Marketing – If you have the resources the last thing I recommend is creating a short video announcement. Videos are a consumers favorite type of content from brands and businesses they follow. Below is a quick example of a short video announcement letting their clients know the new changes to video appointments. 

If you’d like to learn more or have questions just shoot me an email!