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May 7, 2020

How To Use In BROLL In Videography

By Miguel Diaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snd9NhkHlF8 What is BROLL? Auxiliary shots outside of the main edit that help keep the viewer engaged, and make the edit come to life. When to use…
Telemedicine marketingTips
April 7, 2020

Everything Is Virtual Now

Medical Providers Here’s What You Need To Know By Jessie Moore Everything is virtual now. Including your patient's doctor appointment. Workouts, happy hour, book club… all happening via video. Now…
tools to work remoteTips
March 30, 2020

4 Online Tools Your Team Needs To Better Work Remotely

By Jessie Moore Is your team working remotely over the next few weeks? It’s important to have a smooth internal workflow to make sure you have as little distributions as…
working from homeTips
March 20, 2020

5 Tips For When You Have To Work From Home

By Jessie Moore As most businesses are adopting the Work From Home model (WFH), it's taken some adjustments on the internal workflow to create a smooth process. Our company has…


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