5 Tips For When You Have To Work From Home

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working from home

By Jessie Moore

As most businesses are adopting the Work From Home model (WFH), it’s taken some adjustments on the internal workflow to create a smooth process. Our company has now completed its first WFH week, and I can’t help but commend my team. Now more than ever I’ve seen their teamwork and collaboration really excel for the betterment of our clients. 

Here are five tips I’ve put together to help us get through COVID-19 quarantine:

  1. Create a daily routine with dedicated time for work, meals and personal time
  2. Do some. exercise, it will help both your mental and physical condition
  3. Get some fresh air, and move your body
  4. Create a work area with a good chair, a mouse and keyboard, and maybe next to a window. 
  5. Schedule a virtual happy hour with colleagues, once or twice a week! 

Do you have any tips or suggestions? Let me know,

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