4 Online Tools Your Team Needs To Better Work Remotely

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tools to work remote

By Jessie Moore

Is your team working remotely over the next few weeks? It’s important to have a smooth internal workflow to make sure you have as little distributions as possible when adapting. 

Here are some tools that we use internally at Media Digital Source, to help our team stay in communication!

  1. ZOOM – This has been the best app for my team to communicate on a daily basis. While working in the office we highly encourage them to have internal meetings within departments, so everyone can be on the same page about clients and projects. Now working remotely, meeting with everyone can be a challenge with things being lost in text and email threads. Zoom makes it easy for all necessary people to hop on a video call, and have a virtual meeting. We have at least two company-wide meetings per day on Zoom, to start and end the day. It’s great to stay in communication with your team and let each person know you are there for support. Another great feature is you can record the meeting and share your screen. Available on your computer or mobile device makes it easy for everyone! 
  2. MONDAY.COM – We’ve been using monday.Com for the past 2 years, and it is by far the best project management tool we’ve worked with. With over 50 clients and 15 plus staff, this allows for an easy dashboard to client projects, files, department tasks, and status updates. We 10/10 recommend this app whether you are working remotely or not! 
  3. TELEGRAM MESSENGER – Do you have a million group text messages and individual text messages on your phone? Telegram is an easy messenger tool that we use for work-related conversations. We have groups created for each department and the main team thread. Users are able to send images, PDFS, and search within threads. This allows all of our work-related talking points to be in one place. And, the best part… it’s available as a desktop app and mobile app! We love when our tools can be used on our phones and computers. 
  4. HEYORCA – Planning and scheduling your online social content is crucial at this time. Things are changing at a rapid pace, and as marketers, we have to change things on the fly. If you need a plan and visualize your content ahead of time, HeyOrca is perfect for posting to Facebook, Google Business, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

What tools are you and your team using?! Let us know!! 

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